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People often have dreams and wonder if they could be important.  Here in America people tend to discount the value of dreams, but in most of the world they value them and try to understand them.   I do believe that dreams contain important messages for our lives.  A proper interpretation has the ability to unlock the hidden messages in your dreams and provide wisdom and direction for your life.  I can attest to having many dreams that helped give me encouragement and direction at just the right time.

I have been extensively trained in the gift of dream and tattoo interpretation and would love to help you understand yours!  I have over a decade of experience interpreting thousands of dreams, both through the internet and on the street, and really enjoy the moment that someone “gets” what their dream or tattoo is saying to them!

I am also available in the North Carolina area to do dream parties at your house where we have a lot of fun interpreting everyone’s dream and gaining a better understanding of what they are saying.  One example of how I’ve done a party is that each guest paid for themselves and contributed an appetizer and their favorite bottle of wine.  It was a fun night!

Dream and tattoo interpretation training is available.  You can bring me in to teach for your friends or organization.  Please contact me for further information.

Please use the following buttons to send in the donations for tattoo or dream interpretation. I use PayPal for this because it is both secure and easy to use. You no longer need an account with them to use the service.

After you submit payment, scroll down this page for links to submit your dream or tattoo.

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You will receive an email confirmation from PayPal shortly (under a minute), confirming that payment has been made.
Once you have received it, please visit either the Dream Submission or Tattoo Submission page to send me details and pictures – then I’ll get started on a personalized and unique interpretation for you!

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