NOTE: These specific items have sold and pictures are posted simply to show a representation of my work and what I can do. If you don’t see something here that matches what you have in mind, talk to me. If you can imagine it, I can probably create it. I love a challenge!

Prices will vary widely with each item based on how complicated or simple it is, how much time it will take me to make it, and the materials you would choose to use. It will also be affected by how much running around I have to do to collect all the materials, or if you can buy them and get them to me to put together. There is a wide variable in things that will affect pricing for costumes such as fabric and trim. You might decide on a very simple and inexpensive costume; one that is very detailed and uses upper end fabrics; and/or everything in between. I will say this, sometimes cheaper isn’t better. Cheaper fabrics tend to not hang or flow as pretty as better quality fabrics, so that is something to think about.

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